Indian Boiler Regulations 

Manufacturers and suppliers of boiler and boiler parts destined for installation in India must comply with the Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR) 1950. The IBR is a construction code including requirements for design, material and fabrication for equipment used in the manufacture of boiler and boiler parts for use in India.  In accordance with the Indian Boiler Regulation, any boiler and boiler parts imported into India must have independent design appraisal, welder certification and inspection.

Under regulation 4 C (2) of the IBR, HSB Global Standards is granted recognition as both a Competent Authority and an Inspection Authority by the Central Boiler Board of India.  As a Competent Authority, HSB Global Standards can certify welder qualifications on a worldwide basis, expect India.  As an Inspection Authority, HSB Global Standards can appraise design and perform inspections to the IBR at any location outside of India.

The Indian Boiler Regulation covers:   
    - Boilers - Including feed piping from the discharge side of the feed pump and steam piping up 
      to and including the stop valve of the steam consumer and fittings or vessel attachment
    - Steam receivers, separators, steam traps, accumulators and similar vessels
    - Heat exchangers, converters, evaporators and similar vessels in which steam is generated

All types of industries including those in the public and private sector that utilize boilers and including those involved in processes, heating and power generation

Services Provided   
    - Design Appraisal
    - Certification of Welders
    - Independent Inspection
    - IBR Application Requirements

HSB Global Standards is recognized as a Component Authority and an Inspection Authority under The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Connecticut.


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