Brazilian NR-13 Regulations 

HSB Global Standards leverages its Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code knowledge and experience to provide inspection and engineering services related to most major boiler and pressure vessel codes. HSB Global Standards works through an Authorized Inspector in Brazil, who is a Brazilian Registered Engineer (BRE), to provide NR-13 Certifications.

For more detailed information on the specific requirements relating to NR-13, visit our International Import Requirements database.

Client Industries 

Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Utility, Original Equipment Manufacturers

Services Provided 

Design review and inspection services as required by NR-13.

Client Benefits 

  • Single Source Inspection Service - HSB Global Standards can inspect all of your pressure equipment. This eliminates duplicate inspections, manuals and documentation.
  • Local Presence - We have local representation in Europe, Asia and the Americas so you can strategize globally and act locally.
  • Experience - Our familiarity with ASME and other International Codes and Standards along with our extensive knowledge of quality program development helps to save time and money navigating through the NR-13 requirements.

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